Welcome to BrainyBots

This is the first post on the BrainyBots blog. I thought I would spend a hundred words on setting up what you might find here.

As the name implies, you are likely to find articles about robots here. Most of the time that will be the kind of robots that could be used in a K-12 classroom but if it has sensors and motors and batteries, it is fair game.

You will also find articles about space and flight (not just spaceflight – space AND flight). I’ve had a lifelong love of airplanes and, like many, dreamed of becoming an astronaut. While my path diverged from that dream, I still learn all I can about what NASA, Blue Origin, SpaceX and others are working on and use those achievements as the groundwork for lessons I’m developing.

Finally, as you may have guessed, I’m an educator. I work for the University of Arizona College of Education and lead the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) club at the elementary school that my kids attend. I teach courses on Web development and technology use in the classroom. While I’m proud of the work I do for the UA, the words and opinions you find here are my own and not those of my primary employer.

OK. That takes care of the intro. Let’s get on with the show!